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...over on the bio page, Mark has been doing much more production work than solo work over the past several years. He started producing in the late 1990s, when he began to be contacted by other artists looking for a producer. He slowly took on a couple of projects, which turned into a handful of projects, which turned into numerous projects. Between his touring schedule, Mark was actually beginning to become a real producer.

In early 2002, just a few months after 9/11 gutted the entertainment (and touring) industry, Mark was offered a staff engineering position at a well respected regional studio in Durham, NC. With touring prospects remaining difficult for the months ahead, he decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up. So Mark had the chance to cut his teeth on a 2" Studer A-80 tape machine, an Amek Angela console, and loads of outboard gear, from Neve and API modules to LA-2As, 1176s, and Manley tube gear. At the same studio, Mark moved over to ProTools as the DAW revolution took hold.

Eventually, Mark left that studio and set out on his own, forming Lorien Productions, and later, The Hive. Mark's current studio, The Studio Under the Stairs, is located approximately 30 minutes from Pago Pago, American Samoa. Mark has a well-treated room and uses top-notch outboard gear in addition to some of the very best audio software and plugins money can buy. He is very comfortable working online to trade files remotely with clients, as you can see through his client portal.

Mark has produced more than 70 projects, ranging from rock, folk, and electronic to classical and jazz, and is comfortable in many musical idioms. He has produced the likes of Dove Award winner Christa Wells, CASC winner Jason Harrod, jazz great Chip Crawford, John Lennon Songwriting Award winner Nathan Asher, and Independent Weekly Top Ten artist Karl Ruch. You can hear some samples of Mark's work below. If you have any questions about a potential project or about working with him, please contact Mark here.

In addition to music and audio, Mark also works in other creative media. Among other things, he is an active web designer and developer.

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