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A New Song and More

OK, so I have yet to deliver what I told you all I would: a new song for you all to read.
So I'm going to do that in this post.

In just a minute.

But first, here's a quote that's been haunting me the last couple of days.
"Self-consciousness hinders the experience of the present. It is the one instrument that unplugs all the rest."
Annie Dillard.
Great quote. I think she's right. There are so few moments that I experience where I am totally unaware of myself. Totally lost in Beauty. Totally awash in feeling. It makes me sad that this is true, and I think it says something awful about me. How do we take our eyes, our ears, our thoughts, our impressions off of ourselves? How can we get lost in something? Is it by seeing overwhelming value in the object? Is it by being taken by surprise, held hostage by a moment of unexpected meaning? Is it by encountering our Smallness? Lots to think about here...

And now for the new song.
Let me start by saying this song is not all that representative of the songs that will be on the new CD.
Maybe that's why I'm sharing THIS one instead of some others! But there is still a common thread between this song and the others. There's still a Sadness to this song, but not quite the same as the other new ones. The other new songs are REALLY sad. Just warning you. The new CD is probably going to turn out being very, very sad. I mean really sad. But I like it, so there you go. And so do the early responders who've heard some things, so there you go again.
OK, now the song...



It's another perfect evening
out here in paradise
the streets of gold are scuffed and old
and the sun has grown too bright

The winds are getting stronger
and droughts are more severe
but there's oil down there in the ground
so we're told to have no fear

America, America
your amber waves of grain
are killing us with pesticides
like a slow arriving train

So crank out the commercials
and we will just buy more
tear up another forest here
and plant a big-box store

We spread into the suburbs
for the things we think we need
we build all our McMansions
to avoid community

America, America
you're crowned with brotherhood
but it's funny how we all still live
in separate neighborhoods

Our government is lying
they've defaulted on their loans
and now they're even spying
listening on our telephones

And our officials up in Washington
don't care for you and me
they've taken all the Greatness
out of our Great Society

America, America
you're in the worst of hands
most of us aren't voting
'cause the choices seem so bland

And everyone in power here
says Jesus is on their side
when maybe he's just sick of all
our filthy stinking lies
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